Friday, January 3, 2014

Dragon Story Hack

Dragon Story Hack
Thanks to our hard working techs, and crazy coders, we have been able to release yet another hack, an easy to use one-click dragon story hack. We now offer this download to the public for free, a no-charge app you can install easily. Unlike other programmers we still believe in open-source, and hacking as its own reward. The current version works for both IOS(Apple), and Android devices. We also have set-up a version compatible with PC for those of you who wish to hack dragon story through a tether rather than directly on your phone.

The way our tethered software works is

-Install on your PC
-Connect to your device through USB
-Choose IOS or Android
-Start Dragon Story in your device
-Hack Away!

On the other hand for those that want to take the app on the go we have a version that works as follows

-Download from our site
-Install on your device
-Start the app
-Start dragon Story
-Hack away

So next time you want to hack dragon story, you know you don't need to look any further there is a dragon story hack waiting for you right here. Our user know that we take feedback very seriously so if you guys have anything to say, you can reach us at

So use the software above to your liking overuse, or under-use, it's your decision. We believe in power to the player. Dragon Story Hack is Courtesy of VeralloHacks